Linda Caroll, thank you for pointing out something that’s been bothering me since I joined Medium.

I, like everyone else on here, occasionally enjoy success-oriented articles on Medium. Their overwhelming popularity, the personas of the few who’ve really made it, tend to be skewed towards “Slick White Dude.”

The most unfortunate part about it is that to this day, I haven’t seen a “Successful White Male” own up to their privilege before pressing Publish.

You bring up a key point. We need to find new ways to dismantle this stereotype. This happens, when we as Medium readers, use our voices to call attention to displays of ignorance. Let’s start having the hard, earnest conversations that involve acknowledging the lottery ticket we received at birth — and look at our neighbor’s, fear of guilt or repproach.

That’s how we get the picture of success to be less, Start-Up Bro, and more Start-Up Community.

Artist & Graduate Student | DMV

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